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Final Soccer Schedules for the Region 19 CYO Parishes.

These are the final version of the High School (updated 9/17/17), Varsity (updated 9/3/17), JV (updated 9/3/17), and Novice (updated 9/3/17) schedules.

The schedule is to be played as published. "All future requests for schedule alterations must be made to the Rescheduler through the Parish Soccer Coordinator with a valid rationale.

The path can be pasted into the address line of your browser and can be used to down load a copy of the schedule to your own PC.\SoccerSchedules\ Use this link to access individual team as well as multiple versions of the schedule for your viewing and printing pleasure.

League Type Schedule Schedule Miscellaneous
Region and Parish Leagues Master Schedule sorted by Parish and Team Master Schedule in Microsoft Excel format
Region and Parish Leagues Master Schedule sorted by Field Master Schedule in pdf format

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Parish Path Schedule Individual Teams
Assumption BVM Assumption Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Assumption_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf Assumption Individual Teams
Holy Family Regional School Holy Family Region School Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\HolyFamily_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf Holy Family Individual Teams
Holy Trinity Trinity Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Trinity_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf Holy Trinity Individual Teams
Holy Trinity/St. John Trinity-John Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\TrinityJohn_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf Trinity-John Individual Teams
Our Lady of Grace Grace Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Grace_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf Our Lady of Grace Individual Teams
St. Andrew/St. John AndrewJohn Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\AndrewJohn_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Andrew/St. John Individual Teams
St. Andrews Andrews Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Andrews_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Andrew Individual Teams
St. Bede the Venerable Bede Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Bede_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Bede Individual Teams
St. Charles Borromeo Charles Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Charles_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Charles Individual Teams
St. Ephrem Ephrem Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Ephrem_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Ephrem Individual Teams
St. John the Evangelist John Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\John_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. John Individual Teams
St. John/Holy Trinity John-Trinity Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\JohnTrinity_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. John / Holy Trinity Individual Teams
St. Mark Mark Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Mark_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Mark Individual Teams
St. Michael the Archangel Michael Master Schedule\SoccerSchedules\Michael_rptGameSchedulebyParish.pdf St. Michael Individual Teams